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Why It's Important to Have a Solid and Well Established Training Partner

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Date: Mon 19th August 2019

Proskills Global accreditationProskills Global Accreditation – We have done the checking so you don't have to!

If your clients need to know that the training and assessment that you deliver meets national skills standards or if you are seeking to demonstrate that your training delivery is robust and comprehensive, then Proskills’ Global professional recognition is a must.

High Quality and work relevant

All of the training partners using the Proskills Global Accreditation service, have their training programmes rigorously checked for high quality and work relevant content that  is bang  up  to  date  and delivered  in  a  way  that  engages  the  learner. More importantly,  Proskills  Global  only  accredits  those programmes  that are  proven  to create a positive impact for both the learner and the employer alike.


As  part  of  the  stringent quality  assurance process,  Proskills Global  checks  key  operating  requirements: for example,to ensure that the appropriate level of insurance is in place; that all training staff have the right level of occupational experience to deliver content as an expert;and that all training records are accurate and stored in compliance with the data protection act.


All accredited courses meet regulatory standards and enables external recognition for your supreme delivery, so you can be sure the course your staff are participating in, is the best it can be. As a City and Guilds Accredited Centre, Proskills Global works internally and externally to an extremely high standard and supports its clients training provision and delivery.We treat accredited training partner clients as if they were our own clients!

Raising the bar

Proskills GlobalProskills  Global’s  accreditation  sets  high  quality  training  delivery  apart  from  other training providers in the market who are delivering non-accredited training courses.

We’ve done all the checking so that you don’t have to. Let’s face it, you are busy in your day job, so if you are using a Proskills Global Accredited Provider, you can be very confident that all the right checks have been done and can ensure that you will receive the best training.

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